Like most people I’d read a lot about what mindfulness could do, all sorts of claims. However when I tried listening to a few audios it didn’t seem to do anything for me. However a friend did point out that usually people need help to really take advantage of mindfulness it was suggested to me that I find somebody who does mindfulness therapy near me.

I did that and it certainly was something. I found that I could focus, become clear, focused, clear and in a sense clear mind is a very important, but often overlooked part of the puzzle. After I had the opportunity to do a number of sessions I was presented with a whole new reality. A reality I think many of us have been looking for a long time. The reality of finding where we are with our lives, our relationships, our finances, our health. When you can sit with something for an hour and not a single thought comes to mind and no issue comes to mind, I think we are on the right path.

What is mindfulness? In its most basic form mindfulness is the ability to be aware and present in the here and now. It’s the ability to stay present with what you are doing, saying and thinking. Something to check on and not react to and something to help you stay focused on what is happening here and now. The reality that you are choosing or opting into. The understanding that you have the power to choose the reality of where you are in life. The key words here are can and will. Once you are able to can and will your reality you are on your way to achieving mindfulness in your life.

The problem is that many of us have been told by many people that we have no control over our lives, that we are at the whim of chance or that we are victims of circumstance. In order to create a more pleasant and positive reality for ourselves we tend to focus on what we don’t want. We focus on our fears and pain and thus avoid the reality that we are the creators of our own circumstances. With the awareness that you are the creator of your own life you will be able to create a better reality for yourself. You will start to be present in the moment a reality you create for yourself. I recommend starting with this meditation. Find a quiet place and sit with your eyes closed. If it is a weekend morning make sure you get up and take action as soon as you wake up. If it is a weekend night make sure you get up and do it the next day. The exercise is to sit with your thoughts. You want to sit with your emotions and just observe them. When you are able to do this without getting annoyed or upset by the thoughts and emotions that arise keep doing it. Do it for however long you are able to sit and do this exercise without getting irritated or upset by it. You can extend this exercise by sitting and doing it for however many days you are able to do this without getting annoyed or upset by it. The exercise should be done as soon as you wake up in the morning and returned to as soon as you fall asleep in the evening. Your intention is to become more aware of your thoughts and emotions. It is to be able to recognize them and acknowledge them. It is to bring to a close and close them as soon as possible.

Once you are able to do this exercise for a longer period of time than you can do it in a weekend it will give you a sense of well being and a feeling of personal empowerment and responsibility for your own life. When you are doing this exercise your mind is no longer in the trap of believing that your life is the responsibility of someone else. It will give you a feeling of freedom. The mind is no longer in the trap of believing you have to choose between two possible realities, the life you live or the life you create. When you are able to be in the power of the life you live and create your life it will give you a feeling of peace, inner peace and a deep sense of well being. It will give you the feeling that you are on your way to achieving the purpose and meaning of your life.

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