Drugs and medications are meant to help patients in need. However, these are eventually chemicals, which may have side effects and risks. For instance, many patients are filing Elmiron lawsuits, which claim that the drug caused vision problems, especially pigmentary maculopathy, and other retinal problems. Another example would be Belviq lawsuits, which are filed stating the weight-loss drug caused cancer and other side effects. The same is true for HIV-treatment drug Truvada, which has been linked to bone and kidney diseases.  To file a lawsuit against the manufacturer, you have to hire a Truvada Lawyer, who takes such cases. 

In this post, we are sharing more on drug-related lawsuits and why you need a lawyer. 

The complications

Proving that consuming a drug caused a particular disease or side effect is not easy. Medical evidence, studies, available research, and various other proofs must be presented in the court. Without an attorney, proving a drug-related lawsuit can be hard. Lawyers have the experience of such cases, and they don’t fear the top drug manufacturers and makers. Considering every drug-related lawsuit is unique in its own way, hiring a lawyer is the best way to evaluate merits of a case. 

Understanding the actual litigation process

When too many drug-related lawsuits are filed against the same manufacturer and on similar grounds, these can be consolidated into an MDL. Multi-district Litigation streamlines the process, and the judge will hear a few bellwether cases, to give a verdict. The verdict can then become the basis for negotiations for other lawsuits of the MDL. Note that MDLs are not the same as class action. In the case of MDLs, all drug-related lawsuits are treated separately, and plaintiffs will get separate settlements.

Finding a lawyer 

Not all law firms accept drug-related lawsuits, so you need to do your homework. The good news is personal injury lawyers take these cases on a contingency basis, which means that the plaintiff doesn’t have to pay them upfront. Your lawyer will get paid when they win a settlement, and it is usually a pre-decided percentage of the amount. If you are meeting a lawyer for a drug-related lawsuit in particular, you need to be as honest and transparent as possible. Also, patience is a virtue for such lawsuits because it can take considerable time to get to a settlement. 

Just make sure that the lawyer you choose is experienced with drug-related lawsuits and has a fair understanding of your circumstances. 

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