The chin (chin) is essential to define the facial contour. When it is in the ideal proportion, which varies from patient to patient, it makes a face more harmonious and provides joviality. Some people are lucky enough to be born with it in perfect proportions in front of the rest of the face. Others have their chins tucked in too much – this being the most common cause -or more out.

But the good news is that you can fix the disproportion, either through fillers using hyaluronic acid or Calcium Hydroxyapatite (Radiesse). These, yes, you’ve heard of lately. To better understand what can happen to the chin, Slim Laser has prepared this exclusive article. Read until the end and see how affordable it is to make the change you are looking for!

Understand Chin Fill

Filling With Hyaluronic Acid / Calcium Hydroxyapatite

For those who want to change the facial contour but are afraid to undergo the scalpel, there are less invasive methods, facial fillers, which also guarantee the perfect remodeling of the chin. However, unlike mentoplasty – which has a permanent effect – the filling is temporary and varies between 8 to 18 months, depending on the product used.

The treatment is performed in the office, with local anesthesia, and does not require the patient to leave their duties after undergoing the procedure.

The use of these chin filler (ฟิ เลอ ร์ คาง which is the term in Thai) can round off, project recessive profiles, correct asymmetries, lengthen and hydrate the site, improving sagging through collagen and elastin stimulation. And the most positive point is that the result is immediate!

Is It The Same Thing As A Facial Pairing?

Facial harmonization is the set of procedures that, together, result in improvements in the symmetry of the face. Chin fill is one of them.

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