For the most part, we use dry shampoo to hide greasy scalps, hairspray to enhance volume, and shine serums to soothe frazzled ends in the Western world. However, it is just a Band-Aid for the underlying damage. It does not repair the problem, but only covers it up. People in Korea, on the other hand, realize that healthy hair can be achieved with a variety of nourishing products that rehydrate the damaged hair and cleansing products that remove debris from the scalp. Given below is the routine to get silky hairs by using Korean shampoo

Step 1 – Cleansing 

Shampooing the hair is a ubiquitous habit; most people shampoo their hair a few times a week to remove excess debris and buildup on their heads. A more complete cleansing experience is favored in Korean hair care to nourish the scalp and establish the basis for a healthy head of hair. Sparkling water is used in popular at-home scalp treatment. 

Step 2 – In-shower Moisture and Hydration 

When you cleanse your scalp extensively, you also remove important oils from your hair. It can be harmful to the health of your hair. Reintroducing moisture to the shafts is essential in Korea for shiny, glossy hair that holds its shape. Hair masks are quite important in Korean hair-care practices, apart from shampooing and conditioning. 

Step 3 – PH Levels Must Be Balanced 

A healthy pH balance is the key to attractive skin because it creates an environment in which your skin’s lipid barrier can grow and defend itself from environmental stimuli. Similarly, whether you have dry, flaky skin or oily strands that require frequent washing, balancing the pH on your head is the key to harmonizing your scalp. Vinegar rinses are excellent for the process and should be done after using a conditioner for your hair in the shower. Simply run a vinegar rinse through your scalp and strands, wait three to five minutes, and then completely rinse your hair before exiting the shower. It should be plenty to keep your scalp healthy and fed every week.

Step 4 – After-Shower Maintenance 

Essences, serums, mists, oils, and balms are commonly found in a Korean beauty skin-care routine. Use them to replenish your hair.

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