While many people spend a lot of money on prescription medicines – chemical hair loss formulas and hair restoration treatments are some of the most effective solutions for hair loss, restricted hair growth, and hair thinning. It can be found in nature or even in your kitchen cupboard. Scientists, chemists, and even laypeople are looking for herbs, botanicals, and roots to treat balding, hair loss, hair fall, thinning hair, damaged hair, and dry scalps now more than ever before. 

They are looking so hard that many novel treatments incorporate chemically altered plant components. However, why waste time on plants that have been grown in a lab and manipulated? Instead, use herbal remedies, as they work better as a whole than as individual components. Chinese Medicine has done it relatively better than any other nation. 

Chinese medicine hair loss has a long history of producing powerful tonics that boost flow, clean the scalp, and stimulate hair growth. Many herbs in Chinese medicine have been proven to successfully cover balding, restore blood flow to the scalp, minimize grey hair, and bring energy and vitality to thin, weak hair. Below are some traditional treatments for protecting your crown and lengthening or thickening your hair that you can obtain in your medical cabinet or at your local health food store. 

  • Herbal Recipe #1 

Use cider vinegar and mint tea to wash your hair. After using a natural cold process detergent shampoo, middle-aged Chinese women swear by this hair wash. They say that it can help you to grow your hair. If you have a dry scalp, you may add catmint or jasmine treatments to your mint tea during the final wash to relieve irritation. A dry, damaged, and dry scalp, though rarely considered, is a breeding ground for fungi and a source of hair loss. 

  • Herbal Recipe #2 

Rosemary extract may help reduce hair loss, according to Herbal Recipe #2. To shampoo hair, steep 2 tablespoons rosemary in 4 ounces hot water and add to natural shampoo or Chinese Herbal Shampoo. 

These would be some of the vital and natural methods to replenish your hair growth.

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