A seed bank stores seeds to preserve genetic diversity among the seeds; hence it acts as a gene bank. There are many reasons to store seeds. First, to preserve unique genes to increase the yield and diversity of the crops. The second is to prevent the loss of genetic diversity in rare species. Seed Banks offers us a way to preserve the seeds used long ago by humans but are not currently in use. Thus, they are on the verge of disappearing from the Earth. This seed collection can only be damaged due to natural phenomena. We often use Seed Libraries in place of Seed Banks to show that seed banks are also a source of knowledge. And with this, our knowledge of the usage of different types of seeds also increases exponentially.

Similarly, Cannabis seed banks provide us with different types of seeds with a variety of uses. Many people use Cannabis for recreational or medical purposes. The cross-gene productions of different types of Cannabis results in a wide variety of beneficial strains. Thus, seedbanks also preserve the different types of Cannabis seeds, which can be used for different purposes.

High Times – A benchmark for premium seeds that dominate the race in quality

High Times is a reputed American monthly magazine and marijuana brand founded by Tom Forcade in 1974. The magazine has always advocated for the use of Marijuana in society. In recent times, it has become more known for its cutting-edge journalism, covering the marijuana problem and a wide variety of social issues. Cannabis Cup is one of the most esteemed competitions in the cannabis world, where winners are held in high esteem and placed on the top pedestal of weed culture. If you’re looking for the best of the best, there’s no better choice than to choose High Times winning seeds. Cannabis Cup winners are judged on multiple grounds, such as the quality of the weed, the terpene profile, the effects produced upon consumption, and the uniqueness of the product. If a cannabis strain wins the High Times Cannabis Cup award, it’s already one of the greats in weed culture. Award-winning strains are overflowing with a complex terpene profile that makes your senses go crazy, and always check the terpene profile to make sure that it fits your taste.

You can find nearly all types of cannabis strains that have been awarded the coveted High Times Cannabis Cup on different online sites. Many good seed banks in the US provide customers with the best quality of top seeds. It even provides users with information related to Cannabis and its different types. Thus you can find this variety of cannabis strains in all the High Times Top Seed Banks.

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