Whether you are a fitness freak or a normal guy, it does not matter in the matter of getting abs. Any guy on earth who wishes to have six-pack or eight-pack abs can have it by maintaining a proper schedule. So, instead of giving importance to everyone’s opinion, you must hire a personal trainer London who will offer you the best piece of advice. Every body type is not the same, metabolic conditions of people also vary, so the best part is to check with the right personal trainer London who can guide you about how to get toned abs.

However, there are various myths and facts about getting abs that you must be aware of. Read on to find the myths and facts.

Myths about abs

  • Many will say that consuming Carbs like potatoes, cold drinks, and many more items is harmful in the process of getting abs. On the other hand, guys working out to acquire abs are including complex Carbs like fruits, green veggies, wholesome grains, etc in their diet to meet their energy requirement. To some extent this is true, because potatoes and similar items have a lot of starch that might affect the BMI, but only the right trainer can guide you about the right nutrition for your abs.
  • Supplementary food products are excellent for the process involved in burning fats. These supplementary foodstuffs may assist you in losing a certain amount of weight, but they won’t eliminate it. So, to lose excess weight and burn out fats one must workout hard.
  • Individuals say that eating high-calorie meals and foodstuffs filled with preservatives can sabotage your efforts to achieve abs. Flab and abs are different entities so the effect of food on these two will also be different. The personal trainer London can guide you about the same.
  • Cardio activities are necessary for overall weight reduction and the reduction of extra fat. Strengthening or resistance training, on the other hand, helps quicken fat burning around the abdominal region.

Facts about abs

  • When compared to a woman, a guy can easily acquire abs. The body’s natural requirement for fat is comparatively lower in males than females. Women utilize these body fats for the effective functioning of their body.
  • Once you’ve acquired abs, you must not sit idly by quitting all your workouts and diets. If you wish to maintain those abs, then you must keep going with your workout and healthy diet. Lunges, simple skipping, jogging, cycling help a lot.
  • You must strengthen the lower spine muscles as acquiring abs demands a lot of strenuous exercises. Having a lot of strength in the lower part protects you from damage by supporting those intense workouts.
  • Strengthening abs helps to burn calories even while transforming those into beautifully toned abs. Abs workouts even lower your risk of osteoporosis.

The Bottom Line

Anyone can get a flat stomach in just 5 days, or special equipment needs to be purchased to get really flat abs that do not always work well. Bodies differ, and so does the requirement. So, you must consult a certified personal trainer surrey who can prepare a fruitful diet chart and also workout plan for acquiring eight-pack or six-pack abs.

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