People being concerned about their looks has never been surprising or new. Neither is cosmetic/plastic surgery something new to the modern world. It has been there for centuries only differing in the tools and ways. Sometimes talked as same, cosmetic surgery and plastic surgery are different yet closely related to each other. The number of cosmetic procedures has been jumping year by year, social media playing a major role in this.

But when you need to go for such a surgery, you have endless doubts, questions and fears. How do you select the best plastic surgeon for yourself? Do keep in mind the following when you think over this.

Word of mouth – look or reviews and personal references that have experienced the doctor’s style of treatment. Give importance to opinions of family doctor and other doctor acquaintances.

Board certification – Get to know the doctor’s fellowship details and board certification. Dr.Raffy Karamanoukian, double board-certified surgeon is one of Los Angeles’s best plastic surgeon. His expertise in delivering comprehensive vein procedures for health and beauty, in addition to the standard array of plastic surgery procedures such as breast lift surgery in California, tummy tucks and rhinoplasty has made him an all favorite cosmetic surgeon and skin care expert in Santa Monica.

Recognized operating facility – It’s important to make sure that the surgeon’s operating facilities are licensed. This ensures that required standards are met for proper equipment, safety, surgeon credentials and staffing.

Fields of expertise – Look for the fields of expertise of the doctor and what latest technologies does he use. Dr.Raffy is one of the most reliable surgeons in Santa Monica, Los Angeles for Lasik skin treatments, Breast Lift, Tummy tuck, Acne scar removal, Liposuction and many more in the safest way possible in medical science today.

Last but not the least, make sure your vibes match, make sure your doctor listens to you every time you need him to and clarifies all your doubts and queries. Along with being skilled, it’s important the person you are putting yourself into the hands of is polite, calm and patient to address your concerns.

At Plastic surgery and skin care clinic Beverly hills, Kare Surgery Clinic, Dr.Raffy and his trained staff takes utmost care to provide comfort and convenience right from consultation to recovery, And that’s how you get an effective treatment.

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