First of all, drooping eyelids can be beautiful – this is proven by Claudia Schiffer, Blake Lively, and Kate Moss. We reveal what we mean by drooping eyelids, how they develop, and what you can do about drooping eyelids if they do become a problem at some point.

What Are Droopy Eyelids?

We speak of drooping eyelids (หนังตาหย่อนคล้อย which is the term in Thai) when the skin area below the eyebrow covers the movable part of the upper eyelid. With pronounced drooping eyelids, the upper lid is practically no longer visible when the eye is open, only the lash line. On the other hand, without a drooping lid, you can see part of the upper lid and the overlying upper lid furrow. As long as the skin is taut, we usually don’t find drooping eyelids a problem. However, suppose this increasingly loses its elasticity from the mid-30s. In that case, drooping eyelids can make the gaze look tired and make the eyes appear smaller, and, in severe cases, restrict the field of vision.

How Do Droopy Eyelids Arise?

Drooping eyelids are either genetic – in this case, they are already present in childhood – or they develop as the skin ages. The connective tissue produces less collagen over the years, and the skin stores moisture less well, becomes thinner, and increasingly loses its elasticity. Excess skin can form, which presses on the upper eyelid.

What Can You Do Against Droopy Eyelids?

You can’t eliminate droopy eyelids with home remedies, but you can visually get a lot out of them and prevent premature skin aging. We have summarized the possibilities:

What To Do With Droopy Eyelids: Make-Up

To a certain extent, you can make your eyes look bigger – this will visually reduce the drooping eyelids, and your eyes will appear more alert:

A good foundation conceals redness, wrinkles, and dark circles.

For a natural look, choose a shade that matches your skin tone.

Apply light eyeshadow to the movable upper eyelid and darker ones below the eyebrow, and apply dark mascara to the eyelashes.

What To Do With Drooping Eyelids: Anti-Aging Creams

A good anti-aging moisturizer is ideal for preventing skin aging and the associated drooping eyelids:

Day creams help the skin bind moisture, stimulate cell renewal and thus have a specific lifting effect.

Special night eye creams soften fine lines around the eyes for a brighter look in the morning.

Tip: Intensive care serums penetrate deep into the skin layers and thus improve the complexion.


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