A car painting is a rather complicated process, and it is one of the most expensive things.

The process includes such operations as body repair, padding, luting, anti-corrosion coating, repair of bumpers. Painting should be wear-resistant, resistant to temperature extremes and corrosion. The quality of painting should be high, since it affects the perception and vehicle appearance.

Types of dyes that are suitable for car painting:

  • Melaminoalkide enamel. With its help, an excellent work result, high-quality coloring and gloss are easily achieved. Disadvantages – the drying time of the enamel.
  • Nitro-paint. Fast drying, low weather resistance.
  • Acrylic car paint. Weather resistance at a high level, excellent final gloss, excellent coloring characteristics. Disadvantages: the high cost of the dye, necessity to apply several staining layers.

Car painting steps:

  • Flattening – elimination of damage on the treated surface;
  • Luting – the surface leveling, grouting the powder material to remain the surface perfectly flat;
  • Padding – applying of a special composition that helps to the adhesion of the dye and surface; anti-corrosion compound
  • Degreasing of the painted surface – for reliable adhesion of the dye to the surface;
  • The process of the car painting or its parts is to apply a thin layer of a dye that is precisely matched in color. At this stage, debris and dust on the painted surface are not allowed;
  • Enamel drying;
  • Enamel polishing to give shine and improve the car appearance;
  • Checking of the quality. First of all, it is worth examining the painted elements in different conditions and note whether the result differs depending on the conditions: with artificial light, natural light and in the shade.

In order for the coating to be wear-resistant, it is important to pay attention to the processing of the edges of the parts: they must be carefully painted and covered with a protective layer of varnish.

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