Through the ages i was told to make use of food as medicine.

Hippocrates in ancient occasions stated: “Let food be thy medicine and medicine be thy food”.

Maimonides, a health care provider within the Dark Ages, advised again: “No disease that may be treated by diet ought to be treated by other means.” Within the last century,

Thomas Edison predicted: “The physician for the future can give no medicine, but interest his patients within the proper care of a persons frame, diet and also the cause and protection against disease.”

These men understood from the body’s innate healing forces when given proper tools. The only real tool the body functions best with is food, whole and unadulterated. The sayings of prudent males are still quoted, but what makes them not heeded?

The long run Thomas Edison spoke of is here now, but his predictions haven’t become a reality quite on the contrary. Our overall health is compromised because we’re eating man-made, packaged foods the body doesn’t recognize as nutrition. We’ve be a very sick nation because of technology, the manipulation of seeds and soil, clever advertising and also the convenience these techniques promise and apparently provide.

Hippocrates and the advice should automatically get to heart much more now than in the past.

A customer known as me a few days ago, lately identified as having a existence altering illness. She requested what her diet ought to be given her situation. I wondered why she didn’t arrived at me earlier with this question. Like lots of people, her illness drove her want to make changes rather of selecting food to prevent illness.

People go through diverse phases of eating before they understand that there has to be a different way to achieve and keep health. These phases are full of foods full of sugar or sugar substitutes, simple carbohydrates by having an unhealthy mixture of fat and sugar and incredibly vast amounts of foods to fulfill various sorts of hunger.

Sometimes these food types are selected for reasons apart from nourishment. They’re eaten to fulfill cravings, to hide emotional issues like loneliness and depression. They’re selected without thinking the way they would modify the body’s delicate mechanism, kids about yourself or otherwise getting sufficient time. The fast-fix foods offer quick energy, but don’t sustain. Vegetables are hardly ever seen under these conditions unless of course one views Fried potatoes or fried onion rings for the reason that category.

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