Because you lose volume in your face as you get older, the modern treatment is to have fillers injected into your face. This isn’t quite as insane as putting Sausage poison into your face (Botulinum toxin is a protein and neurotoxic produced by the bacterium Clostridium Botulinum and was formerly referred to as Sausage poison), but it’s close.

Dermal fillers, as they’re called, are reportedly used to treat wrinkles, lips, and facial shaping. If your face has lost its volume, dermal fillers can restore it, as well as reduce the appearance of wrinkles and lift the face. Fine fillers for the eyes and upper lip, as well as substantial fillers for the jaw line and other places in need of volume, are available.

The prices are also outrageous; one Botox Brighton clinic charges about $3000 for two injections, and these are temporary fillers because permanent fillers might create issues. There are also the negative impacts, which include…

We have asymmetry (a posh phrase for looking lopsided), which can be fixed with a follow-up appointment.
Bruising that lasts for up to two weeks
Small lumps of swelling
Not only does injecting fillers in your face appear artificial, but it is also costly, and guess what?

The Melbourne clinic I visited won’t even tell you what they’re injecting into your face since the Therapeutic Goods Administration (TGA) prohibits them from disclosing the full names of the drugs they employ to the general public. So they’re arguing that the TGA, the public watchdog and drug guardian, is withholding information from the people they’re supposed to safeguard.

So, regardless of how respectable they appear, would you let a clinic inject an unknown filler into your face: Most of us, I believe, would correctly say no.

I believe the fad should be for facial workouts, which are at least absolutely safe and inexpensive, and which will undoubtedly work better in the long run.

I’m sure most of you have encountered an Asian woman who appears to be young on the outside but is actually over sixty. In fact, the wrinkles on an Asian woman’s neck may be the single reliable indicator of her age: if she has wrinkles on her neck, she is likely above sixty. So the next question is: how can most elderly Asian ladies maintain such a youthful appearance?

What are they doing that makes them so different from women in the West?

It’s possible that they exercise their facial muscles more and eat fewer processed foods as a result of this.

When you think about it, the face sagging with age is most likely due to the facial muscles weakening and losing volume with time. Now, without that volume, your skin sags and you appear to be older than you are. So, with a programme of facial workouts (a non-surgical facelift) and a diet low in processed foods, Asian women can regain their youthful appearance.

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