CBD vape pens are cigalike vapes which contain an atomizer, a battery, and is pre-loaded with cannabidiol-containing e-juice. Though these are cigalikes, they are smaller compared to cigarettes. These disposable CBD pens have the capacity of a few hundred puffs before they get depleted. However, these CBD Vape Pens has an alternative called CBD pods and CBD cartridges. These even do not require a battery or a compatible pod system. They can produce their vapor while you puff. These even do not have any buttons to figure out.


CBD popularity in Canada


Canada is leading when it comes to marijuana. Vape pens and marijuana oils are leading products in Canada. These products have become the most leading and popular “Cannabis 2.0” products in key Canadian provinces. They are capturing the market share at large. It is capturing more market shares in comparison to other refined cannabis merchandise. The new point-of-sale data clearly shows the rise in sales of cbd vape pens in canada. Alberta’s market share earned sales around 16% while British Columbia earned a sale of 13.4%, and Ontario earned a sale of 15.1%.


Why will you choose CBD


CBD is a compound that is extracted from cannabis plants. Cannabis, as we know, has many health benefits. It is obvious that these health benefits are to be likely found in the vape pens, as well as these are made from the extraction of the cannabis plants. CBD’s most common and know benefit is that it gives relief from stress, anxiety, and pain; it gives a sense of calmness and relaxation and improves the overall mood. CBD also helps to get relief from sleep disorders. CBD vape pens are available at awared top dispensary 2019. CBD oils help to produce a strong sense of calmness without letting you feel uneasy or paranoid. These are some of the reasons why people use CBD.

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