Growing a weed plant isn’t an easy task; unlike normal plants where you plant the seeds, weed plants require a lot more attention and patience to grow the perfect plant. If you’re considering purchasing Feminized Seeds For Sale Online, then read this guide that will help you with the types of female strains and their advantages.

What Are Feminized Seeds?

All plants have male and female counterparts, and the cannabis used for daily smoking purposes comes from the female plant that produces the marijuana. Hence for these reasons, many legal breeding farms grow female plants keeping an eye that no male plants grow in the field to ensure the best produce.

Types of Female Strains.

If you are looking to purchase feminized seeds, then here are a few kinds of available strains in the market.

  1. Feminized Amnesia Haze Strain- Although the strain takes the longest to bloom, breeders prefer them when they want large produce and sale as it is infamous for the perfect psychedelic high it produces.
  2. Feminized OG Kush Strain- Purchased for its healing and relaxing abilities, breeders grow the strain by combining Indica and Sativa strains, and it is best for pain relief.
  3. Feminized Pink Cookies Strain- Known for its range of flavours from earthy to spicy, the strain is known for its popularity for enticing feelings of arousal and creativity in its users.
  4. Feminized Sour Diesel Strain- Mainly grown in warmer regions, this aromatic and sour strain enhances the incorporation of an earthy and spicy flavour.
  5. Feminized Northern Lights Strain- An user and breeder favourite, this strain is made with a combination of eleven different strands. The Sativa genes that empower the cross-breeding are evident in the tall structure of the plant.

Benefits Of Cultivating With Feminized Seeds.

If you have come this far, you either want to know new things or aren’t entirely sure about the hype with Feminized seeds. Apart from it being the only plant that produces marijuana, there are many other benefits, and here are some of them.

  • As you use feminized seeds, you are surely guaranteed larger yields, and it is beneficial for a breeder with a shortage of space. It will also ensure no male plants can ruin the crops, saving time and energy.
  • Feminized seeds yield a large bud for every female plant if carefully grown, thus lucrative for the breeder.
  • Feminized seeds reduce the risk of a female bud being caught filled with pollen while pruning, thus turning into male and being a waste.
  • Unlike the rigorous process of cloning of male plants, which requires to be sexed into female plants, Feminized seeds can directly be cloned to produce more female plants.

Hence if you are looking for purchasing weed seeds for breeding, then go for feminized seeds. Check out the large variety of good quality feminized seeds for sale online, available on; they have all the new and classic varieties for your cultivation.

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