The food you eat will play a significant role in your overall health. Surprising as it may sound to you, there is a distinct relation with your eye health and your food. It is for this reason doctors and dieticians suggest following a Paleo diet to retain eye health. Paleo Diet can be rightfully termed as a ‘Caveman Diet’ and is trendy. Since they did not have much of agriculture, processed foods, grains and dairy products, a paleo diet mainly includes meat, seeds, fruits, nuts, and vegetables.

Relation of metabolism and vision

Your body metabolism has a distinct relation with your vision. A Paleo diet will ensure high a metabolic health. A Paleo diet will ensure diabetic retinopathy if you suffer from diabetes, which once again affects the health of your eye. According to Optimax review it may cause distorted and blurry vision, spots in eyes, and uncontrolled high blood sugar. All these will damage the blood vessels in your eye. Apart from diabetic retinopathy your diet will also help in people suffering from myopia or nearsightedness.

General eye health

Vision may also be affected by the metabolism especially in case of hormonal disease such as PCOS. This involves change in sex hormones, insulin resistance and metabolic symptoms. Therefore, a Paleo diet is the best option to follow to ensure general eye health. Include cold-water fish for the DHA, or fatty acids, lots of greens for vitamin C and beta-carotene, colorful vegetables and fruits for ocular assistance, nuts for vitamin E, and red meat for zinc.

Basic Paleo diet

If you can, you should follow the basic Paleo diets rather than the modern diet chart for best results. The list should include animals such as fish, insects, meat, and even reptiles, and consume all parts of it including the organs, cartilage and bone marrow. Also consume all animal products like eggs and honey. Roots and tubers must also be included along with leaves, stems and flowers. Fruits and nuts should be eaten raw.

Paleo diet tips

Though Paleo diet does not specify portions of food to be taken, you can eat as much as you can, but maintain the right balance of the food items included in it. Also, make sure that you measure your protein intake, which is good for the eyes but too much protein and too little cabs will affect your energy source. You may visit here to know more about the right Paleo diet chart.

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