Cannabis described

Cannabis is a dioecious flowering plant. The leaves have a unique venation that allows individuals unfamiliar with Cannabis plant to identify the plant without taking it for other plants. The early leaves generally have a single leaflet. The leaflets could go up to about 13 per leaf. However, this is dependent on the growing conditions of the plant.

Cannabis is an annual plant characterized with wind pollination. The flowers are not perfect as the male and female flowers both occur on different plants. The mechanisms of sex determination of Cannabis have been described to be one of the most intricate mechanisms.

The cannabinoids and other compounds of the plant are predominantly found in the female plant.

Wide usage of Cannabis

  • Cannabis is predominantly used recreationally worldwide. It’s known to give three phases of psychoactive effects. The main psychoactive effects include relaxation and euphoria. The second (secondary) phase brings up anxiety, paranoia, philosophical thinking, metacognition and introspection. The final phase which is the tertiary phase involves increase in hunger and heart rate. The main psychoactive ingredient is THC. CBD has no psychotic effects but it is able to reduce the anxiety caused by THC.
  • Cannabis is used in the medical world to treat a number of ailments. This includes reduction of nausea and vomiting induced by chemotherapy (cancer treatment); improvement of appetite in patients with HIV/AIDS; treatment of severe pain; treatment of multiple sclerosis and rheumatoid arthritis; treatment of muscle spasm.
  • Cannabis (Hemp) is useful in numerous industrial products such as a paper, construction materials, hair products, cordage and textiles. The amount of THC in these products is regulated by the legal jurisdiction in each country.
  • Cannabis was used in a part of Ancient China as either a healing agent or a divination means. It was found in the grave of a Shaman in Turfan district. The earliest proof of Cannabis being smoked was found in the ancient tomb of Jirzankal Cemetery in China. Charred remnants of Cannabis were found in burners. Extensive ritual structures in Bactria and Margiana which were built ages ago had compartments containing things needed for making drinks. Those items included Cannabis, opium and ephedra. There was definite use of hemp for their cultic practices. There are suggestions about some Indians referring to Cannabis as “food of the gods”. The Indians incorporated the use of Cannabis at Holi for their ritual rites.


Many countries have put laws in place regarding the prohibition of growing, possessing or transferring cannabis. Hence, this has affected the use of cannabis for non recreational use. Some countries have lowered the punishments attached to cannabis possession.

The use of cannabis has been legalized in some countries. This allows the citizens of the country to use the plant without prosecution. These countries include the US, India, Uruguay, Mexico, Canada, South Africa, Colombia, Portugal, Ecuador and Czech Republic.

Individuals in these countries are able to mail order marijuana from online stores. This reduces stress and cuts out on the time used to purchase it at physical stores.




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