Drug addiction can have serious negative consequences on your physical and mental health, and even after you quit taking the drug, these consequences can continue or even worsen over time. Drug rehabilitation centres exist to help you break free from the substance that’s been controlling your life and prevent you from going back to it. With the right support and programs , you can get better and help ensure that these long-lasting effects don’t harm your quality of life down the road.

1) Substance abuse leads to drug dependence

If you or someone you love is drug dependent, rehabilitation may be needed. There are many health consequences associated with drug abuse, both short-term and long-term. The National Institute on Drug Abuse defines substance dependence as a state in which an individual has lost control over his or her drug use. If your loved one has become physically dependent on drugs, that person might require medical detoxification before beginning a formal treatment program.

2) It can damage your brain

Prescription and street drugs alter brain chemistry, damaging nerve cells in key areas that are important for memory, learning, and judgement. Drug abuse can also cause permanent changes in other parts of your brain—even after you’ve stopped taking a drug. Some long-term effects are connected to cell loss, while others result from changes in connections between nerve cells. These changes can affect behaviour and even personality over time. They can make it hard to think clearly or make good decisions.

3) There is a risk of overdosing

When people are withdrawing from drugs, they may overdose because their body needs more of that drug to feel okay. This can result in death if medical help is not received right away. Drug rehab is an important step for people who want to quit taking drugs and keep them out of their system once they quit. According to one survey, 27% of people entering a residential drug rehab program relapse within 6 months and half will relapse within 1 year.

4) There are serious side effect

Illicit drug use and addiction can have long-lasting effects on a person’s health, even after he or she stops taking drugs. Drug abuse has been shown to cause damage to a person’s heart. The good news is that overcoming addiction is possible with professional treatment from drug rehab programs.

5) Long-term use may lead to organ damage

Long-term use of drugs can have negative effects on vital organs, including your liver and kidneys. If you think you’re ready to quit but haven’t been able to make it through withdrawal yet, don’t let your lack of willpower keep you from getting help at a drug rehab centre. If you ignore these symptoms, they could permanently damage your body—and lead to even bigger health problems in later years.

6) Puts you at risk for contracting an infection

Substance abuse exposes you to greater risk for HIV, Hepatitis C, and other bloodborne diseases. When you’re under the influence of drugs, it’s easy to make mistakes like sharing needles. These behaviours are easy to prevent when you aren’t using drugs but become high-risk activities once drugs have entered your system. Even if you don’t have a direct needle stick from an infected individual, drug use can speed up transmission rates.

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