Medical books are very important for the medical students to gain additional knowledge. It is also important for them to find the book store where they would be able to buy medical books. Below are few medical books that can help in gaining knowledge on subject

  1. Bad Science, by Ben Goldacre

Tired of hearing the news about health changing constantly? There are those that believe eating butter is bad for you, and then there are those who promote it as a superfood! The same is true for the majority of other foods and drinks available.

There are so many stories and ‘experts’ claiming to know how to lose weight or cure illnesses with new diets and herbal remedies that no one knows what the best method is.

In Bad Science, we learn why we believe everything that has been printed in large publications as fact, and how the media manipulates the messages that we receive. As you read, you will gain an understanding of how to critically analyze sources of information – something that you’ll probably be asked about during interviews.

  1. The Children Act, by Ian McEwan

This title may be familiar to you as Dame Emma Thompson starred in its 2017 film adaptation. Even though it was a box office sensation several years ago, it has been around for much longer in paperback form.

Ian McEwan is also the author of the acclaimed novel Atonement. The book centers on a High-Court judge who, in the midst of her own marital crisis, has to decide whether to order a life-saving blood transfusion to a teenager who is refusing medical treatment as a Jehovah’s Witness.

Students of medicine will get a new perspective on ethical issues and medical law, which will be immensely helpful for interviews and decisions they will make throughout their careers.

  1. Trust Me, I’m a Junior Doctor, by Max Pemberton

Max Pemberton’s best-selling book tells the stories of his first year as a junior doctor in the NHS in a series of hilarious and frankly, terrifying tales based on the columns he wrote anonymously for The Telegraph.

This is the perfect guide for someone who desires an insight into their first steps after graduation from medical school.

It’s easy to believe being a doctor is all about saving lives, but Pemberton reveals the complexities of paperwork and ward-life discussions such as how you can tell if someone has died?’

This book will let you know if becoming a doctor is the right path for you.

  1. The Man Who Mistook His Wife for a Hat, by Oliver Sacks

If you are considering a career in neurosurgery, then this book is for you! A trained neurologist, Oliver Sacks recounts his experiences with patients suffering from a variety of bizarre neurological disorders.

People with various brain injuries have been observed to develop unusual artistic or mathematical abilities, to not be able to recognise people or everyday objects, and to even be unable to identify their own limbs.

You can gain valuable insight into some of the most extraordinary cases in medicine through this deeply human study of life.


  1. Being Mortal, by Atul Gawande

When you’re studying medicine, it’s often easy to fall into the trap of believing that medicine is a science all about curing illnesses and saving lives. Yet Atul Gawande’s book is an important reminder that medicine is not always about being able to save lives, but is often about observing and caring for lives that have come to an end.

There are some witty and uplifting anecdotes and advice in this book that can help you answer the ‘quality of life’ questions you’ll be faced with during your medical training.

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