When you go camping, the morning is always the best time of the day. With the early morning sun up in the sky and surrounded by nature, you’re probably living your best life. As a camper, you know the importance of starting the day early. It could be a hike or fishing, whatever it is, breakfast is an integral part of the day when you’re out camping. That’s why you need some of the best hearty camping breakfast recipes to try. These recipes cover customized ways to cook typical meals, like how to cook potatoes while camping. Below are some hearty camping breakfast recipes; let’s dig in.

Sweet Potato Black Bean Burger

One of the best and fastest breakfasts, while you’re out, is a sweet potato black bean burger. It is a vegetarian burger that’s filled with spices, beans, and sweet potatoes. This recipe is among the easiest to find and successfully answers how to cook potatoes while on a camping trip. First, you need to shred the potato, mash the beans and then beat the egg. You can carry out the steps while you’re at home and then take them along to camp in a container. All you have to really do at camp is form the patty and then cook till it is done. You need to reduce the moisture in the raw ingredients and know that the moisture needs to be released. After shredding your potatoes, you will need to squeeze out excess water on the potato to make the burger’s patties successfully.

Strawberry and Nutella Sandwich

Although this is not one of the ways on how to cook potatoes, it is an excellent choice for a hearty breakfast when camping. It is only an option if you don’t mind taking a pie iron along for camping. It is a simple camping recipe and requires simple ingredients like Nutella, strawberries, butter, and white bread. To get started, butter one side of the pie iron or spread the butter directly on the bread. Place the bread on the pie iron and spread the Nutella on it. Also, cover with slices of strawberries and add a second piece of buttered bread as the cover. Cook your sandwich till it is warm and crispy before you take it out for consumption.

Breakfast Burritos

Another hearty breakfast you can explore while camping is a breakfast burrito. It is pretty simple to make; you just need to start by cooking potatoes and sausages. The next step is to scramble eggs and include the cooked potatoes and eggs. Wrap the mixture in a tortilla, and you’re good to go. When you make this simple breakfast burrito, it will give you all the energy you need to kickstart your day.

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